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Ease of Use and Increased Efficiency

Medgre is easy to learn and easy to use. The physician can see and work with all patient information on one screen! While ensuring Ease of Use, the product captures all the aspects of patient data, thereby reducing time and effort, and eliminates the need to store paper records. Ample use of pop-up screens eliminates the need to go to multiple pages and return. Drop-downs with selectable data reduce the need of re-entry of standard data and gives you the availability of past & default data for reuse, which saves you time! With Medgre, the time spent on the software per patient is cut down, thereby freeing up the physician’s time, which can be spent with the patient thereby improving their satisfaction quotient.

Improved Communication

Medgre improves your communication, by allowing you to chat and message easily within the clinic. Medgre also has an integrated faxing facility.

Efficient Documentation

Medgre has a library of templates for easier documentation. This eliminates the risk of missing patient information and also reduces data entry errors.


Medgre provides seamless e-prescribing capability leading to better accuracy and greater patient satisfaction.

  • Electronically prescribe all medicines including Controlled Substances.
  • Improves patient safety with instant drug interaction checks, dosage levels, adverse reaction checks and duplicate therapy checks.
  • Access to brands and drugs library.
  • Avoid Medicare Penalties.

Labs & Radiology Interface

Medgre can be easily interfaced with the Labs and Radiology centers that you work with to enable you to place orders and receive results from within the EHR. Medgre is has interfaces in place with major lab chains.

Seamless Billing

Medgre comes with billing system that is seamlessly integrated.