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End to End Medical Billing Services from Medgre

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We know you are an expert in providing excellent Medical Care. And we want you to do just that, focus on patient care without worrying about the financial returns – We will take care of your returns and keep you financially fit!

Our commitment is to get you reimbursed more, faster, whether you are a solo practitioner or a provider in a large group.

In-office billing can be a burden on some practices, straining time, money and resources. Medgre Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Services provides an alternative by allowing our staff of expert billers to handle back-office operations securely and accurately. Medgre-MBS billing dashboard provides authorized users with process transparency and visibility into your practice’s financial performance in real time.

Our experienced and dedicated billing experts work around the clock to boost your revenue and expedite collections. We ensure follow ups on unpaid claims, while helping you keep a close eye on the financial health of your practice through comprehensive reports such as A/R Aging (patient and payer), reimbursement by carrier, productivity reports and more.

Our team relentlessly pursues every reimbursement dollar! We deliver individualized service to you, regardless of size, volume, or specialty.

Our service frees you from the costs of maintaining systems and personnel, and headaches of managing medical billing processes, allowing you to focus on clinical excellence.