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One of the most important aspects of Medgre offerings is its commitment of providing excellent customer service. We offer both phone and email support.

Phone support: (304)-277-8437

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Service Level Policy

Level Effect Time to resolution / Status update Fix / Workaround target Solution
Severity 1 (Service is interrupted and there is no known resolution/workaround) Critical business impact TTR 4 hours/(every 4 hour) Continuous effort until workaround provided or Emergency Bug Fix (EBF) created Emergency bug fix (if required)
Severity 2 (Service is affected but there is a workaround to mitigate business impact) Major business impact TTR 8 hours/(every 8 hour) 4 business days Emergency bug fix (if required)
Severity 3 (Service may be affected due to sub-optimal performance) Minor business impact TTR 24 hours/(every 3 days) 10 business days Fix includes in next patch/release
Severity 4 (Configuration assistance or enhancement request) No business impact TTR 72 hours/(based on problem) To be determined based on problem Fix included as time permits